New Providers

A new provider is defined as either:

  • A provider that has been in existence for less than six months OR
  • An existing provider not currently using the Medication Administration Program that adds an eligible licensed service.

As a new provider, you may be interested in using unlicensed staff to administer medication at your new provider sites. New providers typically do not have an established medication administration program nor does their staff meet some of the requirements to become medication administration trainers. To accommodate the use of the course by new providers, there is a webcast to introduce them to medication administration.

New Provider Guidance for Medication Administration Webcast

The webcast:

  • Reviews policies and practices that need to be addressed by each provider
  • Will assist new providers in developing their provider medication administration program
  • Must be viewed by the provider

Provider administration must view the webcast in addition to the trainer candidate. The webcast includes information about registration procedures for new provider trainer candidates.

*Please note: the New Provider and Trainer forms at the end of the webcast are not accessible. After viewing the webcast please access the forms at the bottom of the page.



Last modified: Saturday, August 6, 2022, 11:57 AM